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At Laiday Refill, our vision for Chapter 02 is to redefine sustainable living as a seamless and accessible reality for all. We aspire to be a dynamic hub uniting eco-consciousness, community, and happiness, where every choice and action contributes to a healthier planet. Through championing local artisans, advocating for mindful consumption, and embodying the principles of the Super Rs, we aim to inspire a global community engaged in practices that nurture simplicity, kindness, and wholesomeness. Our commitment is to lead the way towards a future where sustainability is not just an option, but a way of life for everyone.


Laiday Refill has evolved into a hub for sustainable living, uniting eco-consciousness, happiness, and community. We offer an extensive array of eco-friendly products and services, many from Vietnamese artisans, championing a lifestyle of simplicity, kindness, and wholesomeness. As more than just a location, we're a movement inspiring easy, sustainable living, making green choices an everyday reality.


Global Sustainability Goals Alignment

  • Aligning our actions with global sustainability goals to contribute to broader objectives like responsible consumption and climate action.

Circular Economy

  • Embracing a circular economy model focusing on resource regeneration and continual reuse.


Green-Lifestyle / Sustainable

  • Reinforcing our commitment to integrating eco-friendly living in all aspects of life, significantly reducing personal waste.

Mindful Consumption

  • Advocating for thoughtful consumption that benefits both individuals and the environment.

Community Engagement and Empowerment

  • Empowering communities through collaboration and fostering sustainable living through joint initiatives and education.

Local Focus

  • Prioritizing local sourcing to support Vietnamese artisans and producers, ensuring quality and environmental responsibility.


  • Adopting minimalism to foster balance and well-being, enriching lives with just enough.


  • Embracing the beauty of imperfection and impermanence, appreciating and preserving value in all things.

Oubaitori - Bloom in Your Own Time

  • Celebrating individual unique journeys to sustainability, free from one-size-fits-all solutions.

The Super Rs at Laiday Refill

  • REDUCE: Cutting down waste and consumption.

  • REFUSE: Declining harmful products and practices.

  • REUSE: Extending the life cycle of items.

  • ROT: Promoting composting for organic waste.

  • RECYCLE: Transforming waste into new materials.

  • REPAIR: Prolonging item usage through repair.

  • REFILL: Encouraging container reuse to minimize waste.

  • REPURPOSE: Creatively reusing old items.

  • RETHINK: Questioning habits for sustainability.

  • REGIFT: Sharing unused items.

  • RECOVER: Extracting materials or energy from waste.

  • REGENERATE: Restoring natural ecosystems.

  • RELEARN: Gaining sustainability knowledge.

  • RESPECT: Showing care for the environment.

  • RETURN: Contributing back to communities.

  • RELATE: Building connections in communities.

  • REFLECT: Considering our environmental impact.

  • RESEARCH: Exploring sustainable methods.

  • RECONNECT: Strengthening our bond with nature.

  • RESILIENCE: Building sustainable, resilient systems.

  • RESTORE: Repairing damaged ecosystems.

  • RESPONSIBILITY: Upholding environmental accountability.

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