What is Green Lifestyle?

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

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Begins with one’s self, in order to create value, and inspire with that value, the individual must be living with the value that is being created. The definition is the same, only relative, not correct but not wrong either, because each person is born in different cultures, with different views, speed and time may be different. But the goal and purpose can be the same, from which each person will have their own choice to complete the big picture that they desire. Because in the individuality will have somethings in common, in the common will exists individuality.

What we throw away are personal belongings, but the place of discharge is no longer hold the individuality. - LaiDay Refill Station

Green-Lifestyle: As a painting, this painting will show the balance between people, nature and living environment are connected, in the closed circle of life. - past, present and future. Living is the connection, with people, nature and one’s self. Green is the natural, and the biological diversity of the Earth. At Laiday, green living (the path we take) is understood as an idea of life and a way of life aim at stabilities (core meaning) in one’s own way, without perfection, and you are the lead, know what you need to do to be more complete, not to be perfect for yourself and for the environment.

Final, Have you ever asked yourself: How to maintain a better life? And green lifestyle is one of those answers.


How to start Green Lifestyle?

This is maybe one of the questions people are asking, but do you know that it takes us 21 days to change a new habit? And to start a new habit, you have to change your perspective in life, because only when we change from within, the new things will begin to change.

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change” - Wayne Dyer

So, let's start slow, feeling the most basic thing that has existed in us since the first days, the basics have never changed, because that existence is still there, and we come back and live up to that value.

1.Breathe to feel.

We cannot live without breathing, but how long have we not been mindful about breathing? What is the breathing of mindfulness and how does it differ? What is the breath of clean air and vice versa? These are the questions, but it is our sense that understand the answer clearly. And rationality helps us to know how to breathe in a fresh and clean atmosphere like in the morning, drowning in the mist, the breeze blowing through our shoulders, and loving first breath in that day, peaceful and quiet.

2. Think about the good things.

An easy way to understang this is: think of good things as a source of energy. Do not just use that energy for an exact time, but bring that energy into good thoughts at every moment that you are breathing or at any moment in your life, so our thoughts will be recognize, and put them into action. We are always aware, to put them into action. Because only thoughts about goodness will make us live and aim for goodness, for ourselves, for everyone and for this life.

“The foundation of spiritual life is the thought, so the essence of the religious life is inner discipline, the discipline of the mind.” - (Archimandrite Theophil Paraian, “Words to Youth”)

3. Live a sustainable life.

Perhaps, we are born in different circumstances, different environments, but we live together on a planet, in an atmosphere, and grow up with the same resources. But what does sustainability mean? It is as stable as a closed circle, repeated and maintained in its original nature. We, as generations living in the present, continue and are living in that circle. We have the responsibility to continue maintaining the circle and protect it so the next generation can live in its original nature, like the way we do. So our presence is not only about existence, but about living for a good purpose, finding that goal and starting a life of sustainability. For the future is the fruit of the seed that we plant today. Love each other as we live together on the same planet, breathing the same atmosphere.

4. Start planting.

How will we live without trees or nature? We understand the need for trees but have we understood the advantages that nature brings to human?

You can refer to nearly 20 reasons here:


If you want to nurtur hope, start from planting . The process of planting trees is also a process that we learn about ourselves, about this life and the little things that come with it.

“All our wisdom is stored in the trees.” - Santosh Kalwar

5. Change yourself.

Finding a solution to the beginning of a "green lifestyle" is not difficult, it is only difficult when we lack faith. And faith only begins when and only when the urge within ourselves begins. Starting to change ourselves, our thinking about the environment is not a trend, but it has long been a part of responsibility, but only we wait until things get worse, then we begin to give more thoughts. If 20 years later, I wonder why 20 years ago I did not start? If the next 20 years, I feel grateful that I have started. So today’s you, what quote will you choose for your the next 20 years?

Bắt đầu từ câu chuyện cá nhân, để có thể tạo ra giá trị, và truyền cảm hứng với giá trị đó, cá nhân phải là người sống với giá trị đang tạo ra. Định nghĩa cũng vậy, cũng chỉ mang tính chất tương đối, không đúng không sai, vì mỗi người được sinh ra ở mỗi môi trường, văn hoá khác nhau, sẽ có mỗi góc nhìn khác nhau, vận tốc và thời gian có thể khác nhau, nhưng mục tiêu và mục đích có thể giống nhau, từ đó mỗi người sẽ có mỗi sự lựa chọn riêng để đi đến bức tranh mà mình mong muốn. Bởi trong cái riêng sẽ có cái chung, mà trong cái chung sẽ cái riêng.

Những gì ta tự thải là những cái riêng, nhưng nơi thải ra không còn là những cái riêng nữa. - Lại Đây Refill Station

Sống xanh (Green-Lifestyle): Là một bức tranh, trong bức tranh này sẽ thể hiện rõ được sự cân bằng giữa con người, thiên nhiên và môi trường sống được kết nối với nhau, trong vòng tuần hoàn khép kín c