District 7

Binh Thanh District


District 2

Lai Day Refill Station is a place for those who are interested in a green, sustainable and environmentally-friendly way of life. At LaiDay, you will feel happiness, love and gratitude for the products made by Vietnamese people for the benefit of the community and for a simple and healthful lifestyle.

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Bring your own bottles or jars. Make sure to clean and dry them, and remove old labels if any. In case you forget your containers, please ask us if there is any old bottles donated from local community to borrow.


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Stick the label on your container, mindfully.

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Weigh your container write the weight of your container on the label.

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Fill your container with the product you love. One product for one container. Meditate in case some of the products can take time to refill.

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Weight your filled container write the weight on the product label. Pay together with other products at your leaving.