At last! Plastic-free toothpaste that actually tastes like toothpaste and contains no fluoride… Jackpot!


You can keep your teeth and save the planet after all. Chew these pills and keep your golden grills clean. Or your normal teeth, whatever cleans your gums chums.


To use, just chew one tablet and add a dab of water to feel it magically turn into toothpaste. Then clean your teeth as normal. (For a whole two minutes mind, otherwise the tooth fairy will be after you.)


Most of us these days, manage to keep a substantial number of our teeth into old age (or we hope to anyway) and we can put that down to improved dental hygiene and dentistry, despite our increasing consumption of sugary teeth rotting goodness. Toothpaste, this underrated wonder of the modern age, makes it all better and keeps us smiling toothily rather gummily grinning. Not something one would like to forgo then, despite the environmental problems of toothpaste packaging. We are only human after all and the self-sacrifice of your pearly whites will mean nothing if your lack of teeth means you find it hard to elucidate your eco-friendly ethics to others who might otherwise follow your lead. Thank goodness for a viable replacement for the toothpaste we all know and use then.


Viên Đánh Răng, không chất Flouride / Toothpaste Peller without Flouride

SKU: S008001

No water added = dramatically reduced carbon footprint and water consumption. Toothpaste is mainly water. Say you buy four toothpaste tubes a year. That’s 8.4 kg in 14 years. Denttabs represent a pretty good weight loss if you ask me. Keep your bathroom and your carbon footprint nice and trim. Not to mention all that packaging you are saving from landfill! Toothpaste tubes are very rarely recycled.


Denttabs cite reduced sensitivities and less dental health problems for users, which should give you something to smile about.

Handy for traveling with, no need to take a bulky tube of toothpaste, just a few tablets. Not a liquid - not a problem in airport security.

Less foamy, so less chance of getting toothpaste all over you or dribbling attractively out of the sides of your mouth whilst you brush.

Store them in any container you like, personalise your toothpaste storage or repurpose a container you’d otherwise chuck.


"Lại đây, lại đầy"
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