Nơi sản xuất: Việt Nam

Kích thước:38x17x2cm

Đặc điểm: màu gỗ tự nhiên


Origin: Vietnam

Size: 38x17x2cm

Material: Ash wood

Features: natural wood color


Notice: Don’t worry when you may see the differences in the grains of the wooden board. The grains may differ in a little lighter or bolder color as it is made of natural wood.


Storage: Clean the brush with water and normal dishwashing liquid and hang it to let dry. Don’t soak it in water for too long as water will absorb in the wood and cause humidity and molds. You can apply an olive oil layer on the wooden handle to brighten and give it a fresher look after a certain time of use.

Thớt Gỗ Hình Chữ Nhật / Wooden Chopping Bard Rectangle Shape

SKU: S035007

Thành phần, vật liệu: Gỗ tần bì (Ash)