Giá: 370đ/gram

Nơi sản xuất: Việt Nam
Đặc điểm: Dầu gội đầu Lam Mộc dành cho tóc thường giúp trả lại mái tóc đen bóng nguyên bản. Với thành phần chính từ bồ kết, quả bồ hòn, hương nhu giúp làm sạch dịu nhẹ, giảm rụng tóc và ngăn ngừa gàu rất hiệu quả, giúp tham gia vào quá trình lọc tia cực tím tránh những hư tổn từ thời tiết và ánh nắng mặt trời. Đồng thời kháng viêm, chống nhiễm khuẩn làm tóc bóng khỏe, suôn mượt.
Công dụng: làm sạch da đầu, ngăn gàu, á sừng, ngứa, rụng tóc, kích mọc tóc trở lại.


Thành Phần Chính

Soapberry, Linden, Holy Basil, Soapnut, Grapefruit Essential Oil, And Citronella Essential Oil. Products Do Not Include Comparators, Thickeners, And Other Hazardous Chemicals


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Công ty TNHH TM & DV Hương Như

Địa chỉ: 158/35 Nguyễn Văn Đậu, P. 7, Bình Thạnh, TP. HCM, Việt Nam



Soapberry Shampoo for Normal Hairs

Characteristics: Lam Moc soapberry shampoo for normal hair often helps to return your original glossy black hair. With the main ingredient from soapberry, holy basil helps reduce hair loss and prevent dandruff effectively. Moreover, soapberry shampoo also contributes to the process of ultraviolet filtering to avoid damage from weather and sunlight. At the same time, it helps anti-inflammatory, anti-infection, which makes hair shiny and smooth.


Uses: cleansing the scalp, preventing dandruff, keratosis, itching, hair loss, stimulate hair to grow again.


Category: Personal care, Refill

Origin: Vietnam 

Price: 370 VND/gram


Ingredients: soapberry, linden, holy basil, soapnut, grapefruit essential oil, and citronella essential oil.


Products do not include comparators, thickeners, and other hazardous chemicals.


Packaging: The product is currently packed in PET bottles of 250ml and 500ml, using a white opaque lid with the guarantee stamp on the lid and the seal. The product is packed in a bottle with green borders and currently has 2 sizes: 250ml and 500ml.


How to use: By mixing with warm water at the ratio of 2 water: 1 shampoo, I usually mix 1 cup and pour directly onto the scalp after wetting my hair and then, gently massage it. Then rinse my hair with warm water. You can measure this ration by using the bottle's cap. It suggests that you should completely wet your hair before shampooing and the amount of shampoo used must be consistent with the thickness and length of the hair (usually I use about 6 shampoo caps for my over-the-shoulder-15cm-long and very thick hair). After washing your hair, be sure to dry your hair well so that your scalp will not be oily, causing your hair to be loose and dirty unintendedly. Using shampoo every 2 days is best. You can rinse with cold water (if there is no warm water) and let your hair dry naturally.


Recommendation: Lam Moc shampoo does not contain chemicals, so our natural ingredients can be used for both children and pregnant women, which ensures no irritation to the scalp.

How to preserve products: Just store in a cool place at the normal temperature. Avoid water and the sun.


Expiry: 18 months since manufacturing date

Dầu Gội Bồ Kết Dành Cho Tóc Thường / Soapberry Shampoo for Normal Hairs

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