Origin Xuất Xứ: China Trung Quốc

Materials Vật Liệu: Beechwood, Tampico fibers 

Dimension: 16"h x 4"w x 4"d

Price Giá: 165,000 Đ 


No details are too small in your home. even the most unsightly aspects can become beautiful with a concrete stand and toilet brush like this one. with a beechwood handle, aesthetics are found in functionality. The wood toilet brush features an oiled beechwood handle with stiff tampico fiber bristles.


“Great purchase!I was looking to replace my old, plastic toilet brush with a more sustainable option and this one works great! Just made a little diy toilet bowl cleaner and we're good to go!” - Estee 


“Great brush! High quality, love the minimalist look.” - Kate 


“Style and function. We’ve been moving into plastic free in our house gradually as we find the replacements and it’s really nice to find a piece that is functional, aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly.” - Risha 

Cọ toilet Ecocleaner/ EcoCleaner Toilet Brush

SKU: S027034

"Mình mua cọ toilet này thay thế cho cây cọ toilet nhựa cũ đang xà ở nhà, vì làm bằng gỗ nên có thể phân hủy ra môi trường bên ngoài"

Ms. Hiền, Hà Nội


"Cọ đẹp kiểu style minimal rất hợp với decor nhà của mình, bằng gỗ và thân thiện môi trường"

Ms. Phúc, Hồ Chí Minh